Our company was started in 2014, as a traditional boutique real estate company. We recognized early on that the old brick and mortar brokerage company model with high overheads, staggering splits, and no support was becoming obsolete! 

We exist to amplify the success of our clients, our agents, our team, and the industry as a whole. We believe each day's success raises the bar for tomorrow, and we celebrate the risks we take to get there.

There are no Monthly Fees, No Desk Fees, you will never pay a Franchise Fee.


Errors and Omission Insurance are in included in your transaction fee. 


At Bayview, if you are an experienced agent, you start making 95% Commission from day 1. There are no minimum sales or caps required.  ​​Your earnings belong to you. If you are a newly licensed agent, we will help you get experience you need to serve your clients


This is just one of the many ways we ENCOURAGE our team of real estate associates to succeed. We will provide the tools to build a personal brand to stand out from the rest of the competition.  

Our Mission:

Provide added value to our clients and agents to achieve their goals, while providing quality of life for their families


Our Culture:

Trusted Realtors, DELIVERING an extraordinary experience every time!


95/5% SPLIT!


75/25% SPLIT!

Once you reach $80,000 GCI it jumps to the 95/5% split for ever!

E&O Included for all of our agents.

That's It! No Fine Print... Simple isn't it?